CLTScan Document Imaging Solutions

Right now, your company is sitting on thousands and thousands of dollars – or more – in valuable data about your customers.  Just where is this treasure buried?  In file folders, bankers’ boxes and storage facilities, in overwhelming, unmanageable mountains of paper.  The key to unlocking this potential gold mine is document imaging and scanning from CLTScan Document Imaging Solutions.

Imaging and scanning from CLTScan transforms those old paper documents, contracts. etc., into accessible, searchable electronic files available anywhere on your network – including remote workstations!

Who We Are

CLTScan Document Imaging Solutions is a boutique document imaging and scanning company, designed and built to service a variety of industries, their unique document and data needs, and the often times sensitive information associated with their business.  We understand that each and every business is unique, even within the same field, and we come to each client ready to adapt our services to their individual imaging and scanning needs.  Our hands-on professionals work on all aspects of the document scanning and imaging process to ensure every project is completed quickly, accurately and securely.

 What We Do

At CLTScan our focus is on document imaging or scanning.  Imaging is the process by which paper files are converted to an electronic format.  These imaged files are then handled per your direction.  Common final products range from a simple electronic folder that mirrors the paper source file to enhanced documents that allow you to search files, extract data and bring your inert media to life!